Most Common WordPress Error 2020

Common Wordpress Error 2020
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Common WordPress Error

1, WordPress Website Not Loading

I’ll show you how to troubleshoot the most common issues when the WordPress crashes don’t punch alright before we start please make sure you’ve backed up your website even if you can’t access WordPress and nothing is working the files might come handy later if you want to know how to backup your WordPress website check out the video that will appear on your screen now first think about what was the last thing you did on the side maybe you were installing a plug-in or updating your WordPress to a newer version this will give you clues what might have caused the issue I have a site here that isn’t working and I can’t access WordPress admin in this case I’ve broken my site on purpose and we will fix it during this video so your error message might say something else now go to your C panel and click on file manager coach a public HTML folder and find wp-content folder maybe you were updating your theme let’s see if the error is caused by themes simply rename themes folder to something else I’ll just add number two to it and quick look if anything happened on the side nope and nope alright next rename plugins folder again I’ll just add number two at the end and let’s look at the side okay some progress instead of error page we have now a white page and what about WP admin oh nice it is showing some signs of life Arne how are you feeling about this beast ugly so looks like the issue is somewhere in the plugins folder just renamed themes folder back to normal and refresh the site progress Common WordPress Error the homepage is partially showing up now let’s take deeper into the plugins folder first rename the plugins folder back to normal then go inside the folder now you have to start renaming the folders one by one I would start with plugins that you have recently added so let’s say if this post in page plug-in is causing the issue quickly rename it and refresh the website nope not that one let’s just change the posting page parking back to normal what about next one schema let me rename it refresh and Common WordPress Error booyah we are back in business you can now start dancing with two chicas and we tank top with suspenders with suspenders this means that the schema plug-in was causing the issue what you can do now is either delete the whole plug-in or go to your WP admin and Common WordPress Error update it and see if that helps if your issue is not caused by plugins or themes another thing you can do Common WordPress Error is rename other files in the wp-content folder such as cache files and other folders this might also cause errors if none of these helped check out this brilliant blog post by wpbeginner which takes deep into 25 different issues with WordPress if that doesn’t help your only option is to restore your website from a backup. Common WordPress Error,

2, Updating Failed

The major reason for this almost 90% of the people who are reading this article might have come here because they used s SS l yeah SSL is a problem so you may be using now flavor for SSL and HTTPS and it’s an amazing problem because the cloud cloud fair always converts this HTTP sites to HTTPS for all their Common WordPress Error resources so now if you might go to this settings under general and see you might see that’s it this so this is my bad side it’s HTTP right over here so this maybe your problem do so I think I’m just trying to help you so I know I will be let’s try to leave this blank okay so and just let us save this yeah oh no it won’t sit like that so let’s give a slash none of them enter the stem it should save now it won’t so I’m just going to my hosting service provider and then the slash actually means it’s a root directory or something yeah it just says that all the domains or Common WordPress Error, the host apples they can pass through them it is almost everything it’s like that stick nearly there so let’s log in so I’m just picking unmanaged my website and from here I’ll come tools and then to my database manager and actually you know this is a website that I use for my WordPress so I’ll just go to my PHP admin to manage this and you can see that yeah might appear now yes it centers and let’s go inside what we call the WP options so for some of you it might not be WP options it just have an underscore options at the end so just keep that in mind Common WordPress Error, so let’s open it and here we are you can see what’s going on that change that value to a slash and just click on anywhere else to save it yeah one reflective click on there hit the slash after selecting up it all and yes you know it just worked so let’s have a look if it just worked or not so let’s reload it my site is completely working fine and lets we might just need to login to WP admin once more so yeah here’s my dashboard so first of all let me go there to general and have a look if that has changed right over there so yeah it’s completely prying, Common WordPress Error, there you can see that so let’s go into a post so this is a fun thing that this is the post that I am just joined right now so I’ll just be posting this article on the website also so be sure to have a look at that thank you and Click on it then here yeah so let’s try updating it I am clicking it yeah yes post abated so we just fix there so thank you guys for reading this article, Common WordPress Error

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