Fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors in Your WP Dashboard in 2020

Fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors
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I will showing you how to fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors that happen when you’re trying to install themes and plugins in WordPress such as that memory timeout or upload timeout or just the generic error that some hosting providers throw out,

fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors, step by step

when you’re trying to install a theme or a plug-in and it just won’t install for you so this is pretty simple this plug-in is also going to have some other features for it but what we’re gonna concentrate on here is Fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors and plugins so the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna want to go ahead and login to your WordPress dashboard of course I’m already there as you can see and the first thing you’re gonna click on once you get into your WordPress dashboard is you’re gonna hover over plugins and you’re going to click on add new now this is a very small plug-in so you shouldn’t have a problem installing it no matter what your hosting settings are alright so once we’re in the add plugins section it is the plugins and the repositories we can go ahead and click on search plugins and I’m going to type in file manager it helps ( Fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors ) when I spell it correctly alright so as you can see there are a few plugins named file manager and I’m gonna use this third one over here it’s called file manager advanced it seems to work the best some of the other ones have hung up on me and you can tell it’s the right one down here where it says bimodal web if you’re when you’re doing the installation so ( Fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors )I’ll go ahead and click install now and it only takes a few moments for it to install and the other thing you’re going to need is the information it’s a simple copy and paste so you don’t have to worry about going and digging up the information or typing it all in alright so now that we see its installed I’ll go and click on activate here all right so once you click on activate just like any other plug-in it drops you back over here into the plugins section but you’ll see a new little option over here for file manager and all you’ll do is hover over this file manager and then click on in this file manager and if you if you’ve ever used cPanel or anything like that and had to go on go into the file manager this probably looks familiar basically what this lets you do is it lets you access a lot of the same files that you could access in any other file manager, Fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors,

FTP it lets you access that within the WordPress dashboard makes it simpler makes it easier for other people who don’t want to mess around in their control panel ( Fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors ) and things like that so the file we’re looking for here is called dot HT access if you don’t see a file named HT access you can create a file here you would click on this one here where it says a new text file and then you would just name that file dot HT access but I’m going to go ahead and right-click on it and when you right-click on a file in this file manager it brings up this nice little menu here and we’re gonna go ahead and click on edit file alright so I have some other plugins that use the HT Access file and I’ve edited them already so you’ll see some of that what you want to do is go ahead and scroll on down here to the bottom of the HT Access file

I usually hit enter twice just to give me a little bit of space to work with and I’ll go ahead and bring up my notepad that has the information in there and then I’m just gonna copy this again this is gonna be in you so you’ll be able to copy it from there I’m gonna right-click I’m gonna go ahead and click copy there and then I would just paste it I’ll right-click again and paste it down into the bottom there and what this does is it tells your server that you want to increase the upload max file size or set the max file size that right around a gigabytes that’s a thousand megabytes it has the post max sizes two thousand megabytes the memory limit as three thousand megabytes and then the execution time is 180 seconds and the max input time as 180 seconds as well basically what’s going on here is usually plug-ins and themes that don’t want to install properly or that don’t install properly it’s because your your server settings your hosting settings aren’t configured properly or they are they’re just set very low so you can go ahead and come here and make this changes so I’ve already done these these changes elsewhere on my server so I won’t need to save this file but this is almost all you need to do you actually need to click on save and close I’m gonna click on cancel and it’s gonna tell me that it’s been modified it would give me another option to save and close’ save as or just close I’m gonna click close so you would have clicked on save and close and that will go ahead and modify the HT access on your server and it’s just gonna allow your server to do basically more things it’s gonna allow you to go ahead and and install the plugins and install the themes that are giving you the errors and also some themes that have built-in editors like what you see is what you get editor is like the theme and stuff like that they’re front-end editors might give you these errors too so that can help fix that as well I’m going to like I said I’m gonna have the information fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors I’m also going to have a link to a hosting provider that I use and there I’m there’s no discount it’s just a link to it now this is an affiliate link though so I will get a little bit back it won’t cost you any more though this is a hosting service that I’ve I’ve used pretty often they allow you to have unlimited sites on a $3 per month plan you don’t have to do any of the prepay or anything like that and you get free says sell certificates on all of the sites automatically when you go ahead and create a new site with them as well the very first site, Fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors you will have to go in and create the account and then you just contact their support one time and tell them that you want SSL’s on all future sites and that’s all you need to do you just do that once and I’ll also give a I also have an affiliate link to the Divi theme if you want to check that out but if you don’t want to check those out you fix WordPress Upload and PHP Limit Errors Upload and PHP Limit Errors like it thumbs down for whatever reason you don’t like it you can leave any questions for me in the comments I’ll answer those if I know of any answers to the questions that you happen to ask you can also suggest

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