Top 5 FREE and Best WordPress Themes in 2020

FREE and Best WordPress Themes
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These 5 are the FREE and Best WordPress Themes in 2020, I rated these themes based on ease of use, clean design, and customization to help you select the one that will most fit your needs! However, I highly recommend going with a paid theme if you want to get serious with your website. You have A LOT more customization options and preset options to help you design some insane stuff. FREE and Best WordPress Themes

FREE and Best WordPress Themes, following

1, Shapely Theme

shapely is an awesome theme super clean design I love this it’s got this parallax effect here I love these big dividers it’s very clean you can get right to the information which I really like too much clutter can be a bad thing so this theme really gets rid of that and I also like that there’s multiple buttons so you’ve got a button for pretty much anything you want to put on here which is really cool and FREE and Best WordPress Themes the menu kind of sticks to the top as you can see up here so that’s pretty cool so I tested all of these themes myself and for Shapley I found that you have a lot of color options actually full color control over buttons and for your text so that was really cool and it’s also very easy to edit all you have to do is just click on this little pencil icon and it brings you right to this front page editor to edit that section now the con that I found with this theme is that you cannot change the font and you also cannot change the color of your header so it has to remain white, FREE and Best WordPress Themes but generally white is a good color to stay with because when you have obnoxious colors like purple and blue headers and things like that it can get a little overwhelming so black and white is a good way to stay I didn’t really mind that comment at all so with ease of use I’d say it’s about at 9 it’s pretty high as well as clean design and for customization I’d leave it around the middle say around a 5 overall very beginner friendly theme and I would recommend it to anyone just starting out, FREE and Best WordPress Themes

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2, Mesmerize Theme

mesmerize is pretty cool it’s got this very colorful button design to it everything is really popping I like the nice bold action buttons because it allows people to find exactly what they want very quickly so mesmerize won’t look exactly like this I actually gave it a test so that you can see what it looks like and what it’s like to edit so when you activate mesmerize I highly highly recommend that you select a preset and put in all the sample data that it asks you to put in so it’ll just give you this cool little menu setup and ask you do you want to start with a preset you just click yes go through it really simple and what I found is really cool is that mesmerize has a ton of design options you can change the dividers to like a million different, FREE and Best WordPress Themes types of dividers you can even add like a colorful line to it change the color of that line, you can change your button icons into any type of icon that you want the only thing I found was that you could not change the color of the buttons so you kind of have to stick with the color of those buttons on whatever preset that you pick but you can set your background images and all that and after you pick a preset you also have individual presets for different sections so if you have an about Me section, you can pick all these different types if you have a header or let’s say features section you can choose presets and just pop them right in so my rating for mesmerize would be about a 7 on ease of use and give it about an 8 for clean design it may not be the cleanest but it flows together really nicely and for customization I would say about an 8 you have a lot of options for customization especially whenever you start with a preset so as long as you’re ok with the button color this is a great theme to go with this is the limitation that you have with free themes you won’t have a hundred percent control except for one theme, FREE and Best WordPress Themes

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3, Optimizer Theme

optimizer was pretty awesome I found it to be one of the easiest themes that I’ve ever worked with because it has a front page editor so if you scroll down you can see it’s 100% mobile responsive which all of these themes are that I’m showing you it’s pretty fast search engine optimize that’s also very good so whenever I was editing with it like I said it’s got a front page editor it’s got full color options for buttons and backgrounds the header can actually be any color that you want it can also be transparent if you want so that’s pretty cool text can also be any fonts as well as any color and the whole theme actually supports wu congress which is an extra added bonus now the small con that i found for this one is that it’s not fully customizable you’re actually limited to about four different widgets it’s like an about Me section and so on like advanced text but luckily when you drag those in and create sections for your page you can get away with quite a bit if you’ve got a little bit of creativity I messed around with it and created a fake website and I thought it was pretty cool so I would give this theme a full ten for ease of use I would give it an 8 for clean design and FREE and Best WordPress Themes I’ll give it about a 7 for customization because you do have a lot of color and font options, FREE and Best WordPress Themes

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4, Ocean WP Theme

ocean WP this is one of my favorite themes I actually use it for my eCommerce tutorial where I show you how to create an online store completely from scratch and if you do want to check out that video I will also put that in a link in the description but ocean WP is fantastic it’s got full customization and I actually only use ocean WP for the header and possibly the footer and I can change all the colors the text and so on it’s 100% customizable and what I do is use a page builder called element or an element or is a front-end page builder where you can just drag and drop these different widgets and FREE and Best WordPress Themes create a whole website just section by section it is fantastic highly recommend it you can change text colors images buttons add buttons all over the place if you want it’s fantastic did I say it’s fantastic it’s fantastic and FREE and Best WordPress Themes with Elementor you can also get preset templates that other users are creating and putting online and you can drag those in and then you can just kind of rearrange drag and drop the way that you want I would give this one ease-of-use about a 7 because yes beginners can learn it but it might take a little bit of time to work out and I would give this one a 10 for clean design and I would give it a 10 for customization because endless opportunities with a page builder so if you’re going to get ocean WP you need to get Elementor so if you go to your WordPress dashboard and search for new plugins you can just search Elementor and FREE and Best WordPress Themes find it like that and number one for the top five free themes is called Hestia Hestia is fantastic I’ve actually used it for other tutorials on my channel like about how to make a website from scratch so if you want to learn that I will also put a link in the description to that video but anyway Hestia is awesome it’s super clean design very easy to edit super beginner friendly just look at it I mean it even supports WooCommerce which is pretty cool and FREE and Best WordPress Themes if you go all the way down so you get team clients subscribe to the newsletter and this one will ask you to install a few companion plugins and companion plugins basically just add these cool sections to your website, FREE and Best WordPress Themes

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5, Hestia Theme

Hestia is super easy to use so you actually just have to click on the pencil icon and you can edit any section you can change the text you can change backgrounds you can even change the accent color so whenever you change the accent color it’ll change this action button here as well as the colors down here for the contact page so it’s just made for beginners and FREE and Best WordPress Themes in my how to make a website from scratch tutorial I show you a couple little hacks where you can put an image here that’s actually clickable and it’ll take you to whatever link that you provide and it’s a one page design so if you just click on one of these sections like this it’ll just take you to that section so let’s do subscribe BAM just jumps all the way down so I would give this theme a 10 for ease of use a 10 for clean design and let’s say like an 8.5 and 9 for customization you can get away with a lot with this theme and if you’d like to check out any of these themes they will be in the description in order so feel free to activate some of these themes start playing with them see which one fits your website, FREE and Best WordPress Themes

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