Learn Powerful YOAST SEO 2020

Learn YOAST SEO 2020
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I will show you how to use the Powerful Yoast SEO plugin so for those of you who are unfamiliar with Powerful Yoast SEO it’s essentially a WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your website’s on-page SEO so it’s a must-have plug-in for anyone using WordPress because on-page SEO

Onpage SEO

is an important factor when you want to rank keywords in the search engines so for example when google actually scans your website they want to find keywords titles descriptions your URL structure they want your keywords to actually appear on the website and that way they can determine whether or not your web page is actually relevant to what the user is actually searching for so your SEO will actually help you by providing a live checklist that you can actually go through which ensures that the best practices are followed for each of your pages going to be showing you a real example of how I do it from installing the plug-in and setting it up and also optimizing a post so if you want to learn like keyword research onpage SEO and also offpage SEO WordPress account and log in to your dashboard section so we want to first install the plug-in so hover over plugins and click on add new and here on the right you want to search for Yoast and then click on enter okay it should be the first result here called powerful Yoast SEO with over five million active installations and as you can see it’s a really popular and really good plug-in so we’re gonna click on install now and activate the plug-in okay sir here is your powerful Yoast SEO on the left so you can click on general so if your first time using the Powerful Yoast SEO you can actually click on configuration wizard so I’m gonna go through this with you so click on that ok click on configure and here ok so what you choose here is if your website is live and ready to be indexed so basically you’re ready to have Google scan your website and actually index your pages on the Google search then click on option a if it’s under construction still then you can select this one here ok so if you actually finish building your website then you probably need to turn on and make sure that it is set to this one here again click on next this one is a sort of a blog and a website so I’m gonna select blog and then click on next I’m gonna select a company name of company I’m just gonna put my name and here you can insert a company logo by choosing image I’m gonna just click on next so here you can enter in your Facebook page or your Instagram URL your Twitter URL you can put this all here ok so I’m not gonna be walking through that that’s pretty easy to do so click on next so here you want to make sure that you allow the search engines to index your post and pages so those are the most important and if you’ve actually got like WooCommerce installed you want to make sure that the products also selected on yes but sometimes depending on your theme you might have like different sections like for this theme you have layouts as well because we can actually import demo layouts and I actually don’t want that to show in the search engine ok so I don’t want that to show the layout parts but you want to make sure your pages posts and products are definitely selected on yes click on next so here I’m gonna choose no okay so this is best to choose no because you want to prevent your author archives from actually showing and if it actually shows that it might actually have duplicate content issues so duplicate content means like you’ve got the same content and that way Google doesn’t actually know you know which page to actually rank and sometimes that causes issues what I recommend is selecting no and then click on next so here you want to connect it to the Google search console okay so here it’s a must-have tool for your website it shows the health of your website but also it shows like what keywords people actually searching for when they actually click on your website so it gives you some data and you want to connect that to your website so what you can do is go to Google,

Google search console

Google search console and he don’t enter so if you don’t have an account you probably need to create an account and you can click on start now and I’ve already got an account but you might need to fill in some basic information and once you’ve actually done that then you can actually add in a property okay so this is the new layout okay click on the left here okay I think you can close that click on that add property ok you want to select the second one URL prefix alright and you want to grab your URL okay from the top and paste that in and then click on continue so once you’ve actually done that then you actually need to verify the ownership of it so right now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click on done for now and we’re gonna configure it later because we need to set this up first so we’re gonna click on get authorization code and we need to actually login to our accounts we’re gonna allow ok we’re gonna click the code here and paste it into here we’re gonna authenticate okay so that’s going to connect the powerful Yoast SEO to your Google search console and we want to select the profile so we want to add in the one that we just created okay inspired mo dot site and then click on next here is your title settings so you want to put in a website name this could be probably your brand name okay so name of brand I would say like name of brand and your title separator this basically is this thing here okay so as you can see this is the title and then you’ve got the separator this separator is just a line so it really depends on what you want to show you can pick this one if you want to and click on next so here you can sign up for the newsletter if you want to but I’m just going to click on next and you can also upgrade to yours premium they’ve also got some powerful yoast SEO training but I’m gonna click on next okay so now that we have configured it we want to close okay so that’s going to take us here again what you want to do is click on webmaster tools and we want to get the google verification code so we want to go back here okay and click here let’s look for our new property which is not verified which should be on the bottom click on it now what you want to do is you want to click on the HTML tag option and then just select all of it right click and copy that to your clipboard go back to your website and paste in the code yeah just control-v or command-v and paste that in click on Save Changes so as you can see your powerful yoast SEO automatically removes the stuff in front so it’s only going to take the code here so once you’ve actually done that you want to go back to search console and click on verify and that has verified so basically it’s inserted the code onto your website and Google search console sort of scans your website for that code and that way it verifies your ownership of that side right and just click on done okay so we finished configuring the wizard now what I’m going to show you is how to optimize a post using the powerful Yoast SEO plugin so if you actually want to optimize your pages it pretty much follows the same process as I’m about to show you for the posts for this example I’m gonna show you how to optimize a blog post so click on blog post and I’m gonna add a new blog post I’ve already created an article which I just typed up really quickly and I’m gonna show you how to basically post it in okay so I’m gonna copy the title and I’m gonna paste the title up here this thing here is actually not part of WordPress but it’s actually part of the theme that I’m using which is the themify ultra this is the themify builder so what I’m actually gonna do with the themify builder is I’m actually gonna delete it first alright so if you hover over it on the top left you can actually remove the block okay so if you’re actually using themify then you can just remove it for now we want to add the text in to the actual WordPress editor this is the new Guttenberg content editor I’m pretty new to it but we’ll give it a go what gonna do is I’m just gonna copy the text okay so what I recommend you guys do if you’re writing a blog post is to actually just type it up on Google Docs first and then add it in later to your WordPress so it’s going to paste that in all right so I’m gonna paste it in and it’s looking pretty good okay if you actually scrolled down okay you’ll see powerful Yoast SEO here is basically a snippet preview so this is what actually shows up on the search results okay so it gives you a complete preview of what it will look like in the search results which is really really cool what we’re gonna do is first add the focus key phrase I’m gonna click on focus key phrase and enter in the keyword that you’re actually targeting for that specific page specifically I’m gonna type in how to make money online okay so that’s my main target keyword again if you actually want to follow a complete powerful yoast SEO tutorial which includes keyword research on-page optimization and off page make sure to check out the powerful yoast SEO tutorial down below I go through really in-depth on how to actually find keywords especially for like local businesses or if you’re a blog or e-commerce website as well what I’m gonna do is once you’ve actually pasted that in is you can click on edit snippet and here is your powerful yoast SEO title here by default I’m gonna leave that as is that’s pretty good for the slug this is basically your sort of the name after the URL so let’s just say we type in the truth about making money online something like that okay so as you can see if we go here that’s your slug okay so I’m gonna type that in the truth about making money online and I’m gonna put in a meta description so I typed one up before copy that and paste that in as you can see I’ve included how to make money online within the meta description they’ve actually scroll down here okay once you actually put in the focus key phrase the powerful Yoast SEO will actually analyze the content powerful Yoast SEO that you pasted in here for the actual focus keyword basically shows you the problems and basically I’m going to show you how to fix these problems these ones are already good okay so if you don’t because your powerful Yoast SEO articles going to be different then you might need to fix these ones but I’m going to show you a few examples of how I fix these and then you guys can actually work through your own article arm at your own pace so we’re gonna do some internal links first right so internal links are basically links that sort of link to another page or another post on your website and how to do that is let’s say for example powerful Yoast SEO we will link this text here which one okay how to market your services right so select the text and where you want to Click on the link okay here you can type in how to this really depends on what your powerful Yoast SEO other post title is so you want to Search for your post title here and then you’ll actually show up here if you’re actually unsure then what you can do is right-click and open the all your post okay so you can see all your titles that you have and then you can actually search powerful Yoast SEO there what I like to do is if it’s actual internal link then I keep it so it actually opens in the same tab if it’s an external link I normally open it in a new tab alright so this is an internal link I’m gonna keep it as is and then you want to click on the apply button and that adds a link right so if you scroll down here you’ll see that problem is gone the key phrase density this is how many times your keyword actually appears in your content the percentage of it as you can see it is quite low we want to add a little bit more of the same keyword within the article itself so what I recommend you do is to try to work it in your article naturally, you don’t really want you added in where it doesn’t actually make sense right so what we’re gonna do is let’s try to add it in okay so once you have a skill you can leverage that knowledge to make money on that so that makes sense I think so we’re gonna scroll down and that is gone another problem is the image alt attributes no images on peer on the page okay so adding images is really good for your blog post because it sort of breaks it up and it makes a little powerful Yoast SEO bit more interesting so I’m gonna add an image to add an image I’m just gonna add it here okay click on add block and then you can Click on image and you can click on media library okay so if you uploaded the image already they can select it from here if you haven’t powerful Yoast SEO then upload files from your computer alright so I’m gonna add this one here and what I’ve actually done it before I uploaded the image I’ve actually named the image I’ve named it to something relevant for example freelancer laptop and you can add in the alt text here if you want to or you can actually select the image here and powerful Yoast SEO add the alt text into here what I’m gonna do is type in for the alt text make money from home okay something like that something that’s related because Google actually scans your website but sometimes they can’t really understand sort of what image you have the alt text will basically help them understand all right so I’ve actually gone down that’s hopefully that is gone okay so that’s gone as you can see this is really really awesome because he can work through all of these and it helps optimize your website, powerful Yoast SEO

Bound links

How bound links are basically links linking to an external link so something different from your own domain what we’re gonna do is link two-and-a-half-hour link so here I’m gonna link to Amazon okay so I’m gonna grab the Amazon link and then I’m gonna powerful Yoast SEO click on this and paste the link in here I’m gonna open the link in a new tab okay because I sort of want to make sure that people stay on my website right if people click on Amazon and it goes straight to Amazon they might be unlikely to come back any more so you want them to sort of stay on your website and open an external site in a new tab Powerful YOAST SEO,

all right click on apply and then scroll down that’s gone this one’s looking for key phrase in the subheading so we’re gonna look at the subheadings that I have this one’s been to be a heading so I’m gonna select the text here and I’m gonna change it to heading heading two but there’s a better way to make money online right scroll down that’s done, Powerful YOAST SEO this one is slug stop words so if you want to understand what stop words are then you can click on this okay so powerful Yoast seo is really really awesome click on it and it’ll actually link you to a wikipedia page to help you understand so powerful Yoast SEO what we’re gonna do is remove the stop word I think the might be a stop word and I think about is a stop words so we’re gonna do that okay so as you can see just follow the Powerful YOAST SEO checklist and make sure these are all green you don’t really have to make sure that every single one of them is green but most of them make sure it’s done and then you have pretty much optimized all the on-page elements that you can hear if you actually click on cornerstone content, powerful Yoast SEO this is basically if you actually tick it off then Yoast will sort of help you optimize the most important articles on your website so you can learn more by clicking on here this one is just a simple article so I’m not gonna select that but if you have like a really really in-depth article you want to make it sort of your your main piece of content for your website, Powerful YOAST SEO then you want to turn it on right so what we’re gonna do is actually go to click on document there so to add in a category you can select add a category I’ve already added one so I’m gonna select online business you can, powerful Yoast SEO add in tags which you if you want to but I don’t think it’s really necessary click on featured image set in a featured image that makes it look a lot nicer and click on select and once that is done click on publish to view that post you can click on View Post so this is the article fully optimized, powerful Yoast SEO on page for Google and other search engines as well so if you have any questions make sure to drop it down below hopefully you like this video and for more videos make sure to subscribe to the channel thank you and see you guys in the next tutorial, Powerful YOAST SEO

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