Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors in 2020

Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors
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Most common Server Errors or website errors these are not specific to WordPress but they do happen with WordPress and anything that’s hosted on a server can fall victim to these errors and we’re getting started right now

1 ERROR 400

Google images looking at what these errors look like so you get an idea of what it is and if you’ve encountered it before or when you do encounter it you will now know what it means the 400 errors the first one look at look at a bunch of other four-level errors and then some five-level errors the 400 error is also called a bad request error and here’s some screenshots of what it looked like Google actually I’ve encountered this in Google quite a bit the 400 error and on websites usually looks like this one over here on the right but it’s usually caused by one of three different things the first is a CREP cookie on your browser so if you clear your browser cache and cookies then it should fix the 400 error or it’s a malformed request by the browser itself and that you can’t fix because the browser the program by somebody else so you can’t fix that one yourself it’s a bug they will patch it and hopefully fix it or it is created by a human error when they’re creating a manually created HTTP request on a website if that isn’t created properly it can cause a 400 error, Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors

2, ERROR 401

401 error so let’s look at that up over here and a 4-1 error is unauthorized access and you actually set this up using the HTTP word file I have a tutorial for that in the cart up above or description down below and it looks like this it’s often accompanied by a login box and that login box allows you to log in and then access the site properly or if the server does not want you to access the site at all you just have something like this you can’t get in here sorry so that’s a 401 error usually these are caused intentionally because you had to have to log in or this site doesn’t want you to access it so usually this one is intentional, Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors

3, ERROR 403

403 error this is a forbidden error is similar to the permissions error because it saves permission-based quite often and it basically says you’re forbidden access this because the server has refused your connection and you can fix this or the common causes I’m sorry are the index file in a directory someone’s trying to access or a permission-based problem in the htaccess file, Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors

4, ERROR 404

ERROR 404 and this is a page not found error so if you move a page for whatever reason so if you have a page at my website comm forward-slash puppies and you move that page to forward slash dog walking that puppies page if that was indexed by Google or Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors linked to from somewhere else on the internet that will now return a 404 error the way to fix that, is to make a or 301 redirect from the old page to the new page I have a tutorial up above and description down below all about fixing for errors so if you encounter this error, Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors

5, ERROR 500

500 error that’s all for the common floor force there are other sorry common 400 errors there are other 400 level errors but they’re not common so we’re not covering those the 500 error is quite common it’s the internal server error it’s very nondescript it just says something went wrong there’s a bunch of different causes, Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors

6, ERROR 502

502 and that is a bad gateway error and this error is quite often encountered with services like CloudFlare a proxy server where you route traffic through it and then the traffic goes from say Google through the proxy server and then to your website and Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors this is the screenshot from CloudFlare this is how it would appear for you and it’s a fairly common error and it resolves itself it’s an issue at CloudFlare it’s not an issue on your site’s not an issue with Google it’s an issue with the connection to CloudFlare and Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors other services not only CloudFlare it does this but it’s a it’s a problem with their connection and when they resolve it then it will load normally in the 502 error will be gone and the 503 error is the next one the is a service unavailable air and this means your site’s down this is a not a great error because it usually means out of your site is gone because of some DNS configuration mistake or your CPU is maxed out or your RAM is maxed out using a Boyar server resources and the server’s down that is a problem and the 4:3 error is usually a temporary one that resolves itself but if your site or your clients site has a 503 I said four three earlier sorry if your site of class that has a 503 Eric you have to go and check to make sure your dns is correct make sure the backend of your servers correct contact your host support and have them check it out and if they say just a temporary error your maxing your CPU or whatever you have to upgrade your hosting or fix whatever is maxing your CPU which might be a bot that’s slamming your site or botnet or a DDoS attack either way it’s usually a temporary error and you usually get through it but make sure all your ducks in a row and if you don’t know what you’re doing contact your host support and they’ll help you, Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors

7, ERROR 504

504 error this error is very similar to the 502 and it just means it’s a bad gateway or a gateway timeout sorry and this gateway timeout again here’s an example from Cloudflare 504 gateway timeout it’s with the connection between the proxy and your site there’s something gone there’s something not connecting properly it could be maxing with server resources it could be all kinds of things but it is a temporary error that’s usually resolved but Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors if you find you have this error for an extended period you should contact the support for Cloudflare or whatever service you’re using the write your traffic you should contact your host support and beyond that, there isn’t too much you can do aside from wait and that is the 400 or 500 for air so in this Artivle we covered the 400 error the 401 the four three the four the 500 the 502 503 504 and all these are very common server errors and website errors they’re really server errors people also call them website errors, Most Common Server Errors or Website Errors

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