What is WordPress? WordPress is a software

WordPress is a software
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What is wordpress well WordPress is a software that you can use to build your blog and or website it’s really simple Zack you may hear people throw out terms like open source software yeah open source software is basically a whole bunch of people all over the world have created this WordPress is a software and provide it to you for free you’ll hear about the GPL license in your eyes will glaze over and again that’s something if you want to you know check it out, see what GPL is all about go to wordpress.org can even learn more about what open-source software is but that’s not important and I want to spend time on that what I want to talk about is what I look at WordPress is as three different things WordPress is a software there’s a site wordpress.org and there’s a site wordpress com and though that confusion and mixing of those three things is where it often confuses you when you first start exploring WordPress what I’d like to do is give you an analogy a car think of your site as a car so your car has to have an engine it has to run I mean it’s mechanically there’s certain parts that the engine controls and manages and that’s how your car gets around so think of that as a wordpress software without it you basically have nothing you know you just have something sitting there then we look at the other two pieces of WordPress which are themes and the second plugins and widgets themes are the look of your site they can make it pretty they make it you know a slider or show up somewhere something else shows up on the homepage a whole bunch of different content shows up on the homepage it’s basically the look so it’s the same as your car the different colors of your car you have a certain model but it comes in all different colors maybe on another model it has things like you know different shapes of headlights it may be a convertible may not all the visual looks of that particular model of the car you can compare to a theme also you may look at a certain kind of car and you think okay there’s several different models again there’s several different themes so it’s all the visual it’s how your site looks how your blog looks is a theme and how your car looks is the body in the shape and the color and the different styles then you take it a step further and you go to the plugins and widgets for WordPress these are things that add functionality to your website they’re not always needed every one of them it depends on your needs the same with the car if you need a CD player you add a CD player if you need an air conditioner you add an air conditioner or if you need bluetooth access where you can plug in your ipod you do that so there’s all these features you can add to your car but it isn’t going to not run because you don’t have those features these are options that you have to make your car or your car same with your theme you’re going to add these different plugins you’re going to add a slider you’re going to add something that gives you extra search engine optimization you’re going to add a plug-in that gives you the ability to put a shopping cart on your site so it’s just added features and that’s really in a nutshell I mean it’s a you know of course it’s more complicated cars more complicated and maybe building wordpress site is more than just thinking of those three things but that’s what you got to think about now we have the software what do we do with it I’m going to go to wordpress.org and wordpress com wordpress.org here we are on the site wordpress.org and what this allows you to do here is download the software to create your WordPress site so when somebody says wordpress.org versus wordpress com that is where the big confusion comes in people think oh ok I’m going to be on wordpress com or I’m going to be on wordpress.org no that’s not what’s happening so let me explain wordpress.org let’s say you want to self host to site what I mean by that is you’re going to go to a hosting company and i’m going to use WP engine it’s a managed hosting company as an example you’re going to go there and WordPress is going to be installed on that hosting you’re going to need to pay for that also on wordpress.org is where a bunch of the free plug-in set and all these free themes that people put together so it’s kind of a repository of stuff for you to build your site you’re never going to be building a site on wordpress.org instead you’re going to be pulling stuff from wordpress.org you’re going to be going to their library of themes maybe choosing a theme there or not same with plugins you’re going to find free plug-ins there so don’t get that confused with wordpress com because wordpress.com is really the same but another animal if we go to wordpress com basically when you land there the first time you get to build a site on wordpress com this is where you’re going to actually build it you’re going to build a free site wordpress com is owned by a company called automatic they manage it they control it they have ways of making income from it so you are on their platform so when you’re creating a wordpress site on wordpress com you’re going to set it up you’re going to go through a few little steps and suddenly they’ll say you have a blog you can start blogging and you can set up your theme and all that good stuff but you’re going to be doing on their platform now this is where the confusion kind of i’m going to clarify a little bit more the wordpress.org again the big difference between wordpress.org is you’re taking the software from wordpress.org and putting it on a hosting.

WordPress is a software

Company site so you’re you still have ownership of everything you’re just renting space and I may go ahead and throw out like GoDaddy Bluehost hostgator some of the other hosting companies out there that you might be more familiar with but you’re going to be hosting your site there you’re going to pay them in X amount of dollars each month and that’s where your site will be here on wordpress com you’re on their platform and kind of compare it I’m not this maybe isn’t a fair comparison but compare it to Facebook or a social media platform you’re building on their platform so that means that even though you have ownership of the content it’s still there and you have to follow their terms of use and you’ll want to read the terms of use or the terms of service to make sure because there are definitely, WordPress is a software pros and cons to be a nun wordpress.com versus taking the software and having a self hosted site and i’m going to be talking about those pros and cons momentarily so again wordpress com is the platform where you can build a free site, WordPress is a software wordpress.org is where are you going to be getting the software getting plugins and themes and WordPress itself is the software now before i get into comparing let me just talk a little bit about wordpress kind of overall WordPress is a software, started as a blogging platform and that’s what we repress com is now people seem to get still focused on oh I don’t want to use WordPress because I want a blog wordpress is so much more than that wordpress can build you can build your simplest little blog using wordpress or you can build a huge huge site an e-commerce site a membership site the really the sky’s the limit there’s a lot you can do with wordpress some of the biggest companies run on WordPress you may not know by looking at the site you think well they don’t have a blog well that’s one of the things is you don’t have to have a blog to use WordPress you can have more of a static business site and that’s one of the biggest kind of misconceptions, WordPress is a software about word prices is just for blogs no it isn’t you can use that to create like I said just about any kind of site you can think of now let’s go back to the benefits of wordpress com and the benefits of self hosting your site on a hosting platform using the software from wordpress.org on wordpress com you’re going to have a limited, WordPress is a software, amount of themes they have quite a few themes on there that you can choose from several them are most of them are free but they do have some that you can pay for how much support you may get from those themes, WordPress is a software, will depend on the theme itself if your self hosting your site for a theme and using a theme you can install anything you want from free to premium themes all over the world and in my tutorials I go over a couple the theme shop specifically with Eames and studiopress because of the experience I’ve had with them and the stability and I just know they’re very good themes but when you buy those you can get anything you want when your self hosted you can put out on there and by buying it from ish a theme shop like woo or studiopress you’re going to get more full support there for your theme then you might get depending on your theme you use on wordpress com on wordpress com you’re going to be given certain widgets that you can use you cannot install widgets additional widgets and plugins on wordpress com but if you are self hosted you can basically install any plug-in you want that’s out there WordPress is a software, whether it’s free or paid so what that means is you can increase the functionality recite a lot easier if your self hosted rather than on wordpress com if you want to add a shopping cart you can do it if you want to add a specific slider you can do it if you want to turn it into a membership site you can do it on wordpress com they do have terms of service as far as what you can sell in can’t sell on your site so you’ll really want to understand those terms of service before you choose WordPress is a software, wordpress.com to see if that’s something you know how many ads can I run on my site well you may be limited or you are limited on com so do a little bit of planning ahead and know the actual difference is there wordpress com is free yeah you can basically go on there and create a site you do have as I’ve explained already some limitations but if you want a really simple site that might be the route you want to go what’s the expense, WordPress is a software of a self-hosted site well one is your hosting now that’s pretty minimal if you go over shared hosting sometimes that’s as little as five six seven eight nine bucks a month if you go with managed hosting which I talk a little bit more about in my other tutorials, you’ll be paying more in either case it’s not a ton of money you may buy in a premium theme which is typically one-time costs or yearly costs or you may use a free theme so there’s that tons of expense it just depends on what your needs are for your site the amount of traffic you have all these different variables so wordpress com free site self-hosted you’ll need to pay some hosting maintenance now again this is going to be kind of you know there is a difference wordpress com you have no maintenance they keep things updated they have security they have everything built in place if your self hosted yes you’re going to have to think about those things some of those things will be taken care of with your hosting company some will be taken care of with plugins you know far security keeping your site backed up then also keeping it updated and I go over the different options that you’ll have for those specific areas in my other tutorials so you will have some, WordPress is a software, responsibilities or depending on if you have somebody managing your site or not but again the flexibility and versatility,WordPress is a software you’re going to get was self hosted outweighs a lot of that so that’s kind of the the basic comparisons of one comparison i feel is probably the most important is ownership of your entire site when you’re on wordpress com you do own your content but when your self hosted on another host you basically own your content and your files and everything are there you can easily move to another hosting site without having to worry about anything I’m wordpress com you can’t take really your complete site and move it somewhere else you do have ownership of the content but you’re limited on what you can do as far as hey I don’t want to be here anymore i want to be on another hosting site BAM you move I don’t want to be on wordpress com well now you’re going to go to self hosted and you’re going to kind of have to recreate your site using the content you export from wordpress com so there’s there’s a lot of pros and cons there something to think about what they all have in WordPress is a software, common basically is WordPress so we boil back down to that software and it’s a great dynamic software it’s free the one thing you’re going to hear from me is you’ll hear a lot of people talk about WordPress is so easy there’s a lot of things going on there as far as how easy it is for one individual to the next individual your your comfort level with technology etc etc etc I’m never one to say it’s the easiest software what a lot of people do promote is that hey you can start a blog in five minutes you can start a website in 30 minutes the keyword there is starting or start think about because if you go in your car you can start your car in this couple seconds all the work that got into having that car sitting there for you to start there’s a lot more going on even a better analogy is to think of I can start up I can start a book it’s easy to start a book well you sit down to your computer, you type the first sentence BAM you started your book but now you have a whole book to write to rewrite you have to think about WordPress is a software, publishing it how are you going to do that then you have to think about the marketing same with your website your web site you can start it but you have some work to do and it really depends on what your website needs are if you’re doing the simple blog yeah maybe it is it’s not going to take hours and hours to create it but I can guarantee you it’s not going to take you just a few minutes because you’re going to find things you need you’re going to say oh I don’t like the look of this I got to change my theme Oh what about this color what can I do here what should I put in the sidebar there are things to think through the beauty of WordPress is once you do learn it it is easier it becomes easier you can manage your own site and that’s why people like WordPress is that you can go in and make those changes yourself but there is a learning curve to WordPress just like there is a learning curve to most everything in this life so the fact that it’s simple is overstated I think you will need to take the time to get the blog or the website you want and that’s why I created Bob WB tutorials to guide you through to help you understand not just how to do things but why you’re doing them and also to actually relate most of this information to you in a very non-geek way so I hope this video helped you a little bit better understand WordPress and what WordPress is and I hope I can be along on your journey through WordPress and help you to understand and get the blog and website you’ve always dreamed of we’ll see you in the next videos Cheers. WordPress is a software

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